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(Last updated 2018/02/04)


Aside from selling my art I am able receive commission through other services and websites I am affiliated with. I prefer to refer services that I use frequently and am satisfied with. Below is a list of websites I am affiliated with, where I describe their benefits and my experience with them.






( Marketing / Affiliation )

( Books )

( Merchandise )

( Banking )






  • Provides an additional source of income - free to join (for affiliates)

    (I have only signed up on  as an affiliate but not a merchant, therefore I cannot relate to the experience of using the website as a merchant. I am however able to receive commission from users who sign up as either a merchant or an affiliate) houses a directory of merchants, of which website publishers can sign up to be affiliated with. I first signed up for in order to be affiliated with Blurb; a website I used for making my own book.

I am able to receive commission for merchant sales, and sometimes leads, made through my website. I am also able to receive commission when merchants or affiliates sign up at through my links.

My experience with

For publishers, signing up is free. Affiliation is not my primary business, hence I do not make a substantial amount of money from it, but nevertheless, the earnings I am able to receive are a nice incentive. The earnings have also been more than enough to cover the costs of running my website.







  • Publish your work easily and beautifully in a high-quality book

Blurb is a great place for creating your own high quality books, as well purchasing books from other publishers. I have a store at Blurb where I have made one book, and would be happy to create other custom books upon request. Aside from being a publisher however, I am also an affiliate with Blurb, therefore when purchases are made at Blurb through any of my links, I can receive commission; whether the purchases are for my books, or books by other publishers.

My experience with

Blurb has provided me a convenient way of presenting my work professionally. I take my book with me everywhere I go, and it helps get people interested in my work. Many have also commended on the high quality of my book and have asked me where I have made it.

I have found that having a book from Blurb is useful when applying to an art school, an art-related job, or promoting yourself - and the price is fairly reasonable.

Aside from making portfolios, Blurb is also great for making albums, novels, cookbooks and more.

Be sure to check out offers from Blurb available here






Monogram Gifts & More


  • A variety of great designs on various products

  • Ability to incorporate your own designs on products

  • Ability to customize existing available designs

A variety of great merchandise is available at Zazzle, including cards, prints, clothing, iPhone cases and many more. Many of these items come with a great variety of choices; most of which can be customized by shoppers. I have a store at Zazzle, and would be happy to make sales on my items or make custom items upon request. Aside from being a seller however, I am also an affiliate with Zazzle, therefore when purchases are made at Zazzle through any of my links, I can receive a commission, even if the purchases are not from my store.

My experience with Zazzle

As a designer I am happy to find ways to turn my designs into products that people buy. As a customer, I have so far only bought a few postcards and cards from Zazzle, and the quality was reasonable.

Be sure to check out offers available here








  • Open a Canadian or a US account for FREE

  • Send e-transfers for FREE

  • Receive a $50 BONUS when you open an account using my Orange Key (offer available until April 30, 2018)

What I love most about Tangerine is that it has a number of free features that other banks often charge for; read more about my experience with Tangerine below.

My experience with Tangerine

I am based in Canada, but sell my art on websites like Redbubble and Zazzle that pay me in US dollars. When my sales online grew, I felt it was time for me to open a US savings account. Many of the Canadian banks had a fee for opening a US account. Then I discovered ING Direct (Now Tangerine Forward Banking). Since the time I opened an account with them, I also began having clients based in the US, and received checks in US dollars from other websites; hence having a US account has proven to be very convenient.

I also have a Canadian account with Tangerine, and as I began exhibiting and selling my art in live events, I often had to pay for registration via e-transfers - and it just so happened that sending e-transfers from tangerine was free, whereas sending e-transfers via other institutions incurred a fee. Having accounts with Tangerine has been very useful for my business.

And from now until April 30, 2018 you can receive a $50 Bonus when you open an account, with a minimum deposit of $100, using my Orange Key.

My Orange Key is 36158380S1

To receive this bonus, open your account at and enter my Orange Key.




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