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Mui-Ling Teh

Art and Words from the Heart



Conditions for using my material:


1. All websites containing my images or writings should provide a link to my website, or alternatively to my Redbubble or Zazzle store - I make no exception to this condition whatsoever. Therefore, any site containing my material, but not linking to any of my pages properly, is violating my copyright.

2. I typically ask that that my images be no greater than 500 pixels wide/high if displayed elsewhere, even if they are ‘protected’.

3. I usually permit no more than 5 images to be posted – Most only use one small image and a link to my portfolio, or just the link.

4. I have never posted any videos before. I have only done one demonstration for Kinder Surprise in 2014, but any other video out there that is claimed to be done by me is not.


I sometimes allow a little bit of flexibility on condition 2 or 3 if they are only a little bit over the maximum allowable amount on one condition, while being lower on the other (e.g. I may allow an image to show up a little bit over 500 pixels if the website is only using one image).

I make no exceptions to condition 1 whatsoever. Any site that is obviously using my images without my permission, please report it to me, or feel free to report to the site administrator or take action, as appropriate, on my behalf.

Tweeting, or posting links to works in my portfolio is okay; this does not require my permission.


On another note:

This note applies mainly to any site or blog that have made posts about my miniature origami in 2010. If you are one of them, I would appreciate it, if necessary, that you revise your posts to only contain information that came directly from me.

In 2010 my miniature origami appeared in a number of UK publications, however much of the information published was incorrect, and some of my images were even altered; and the misrepresentation over my miniature origami works got widely spread. More details here.

If you are uncertain about whether the information you posted is correct, the best thing to do is to only have a link to my website, where visitors can learn more about me.


Other Information:

I am aware that not everyone who read my conditions will understand what the issues are, or they may simply not even care. But consider this; many people know about my conditions; and most people in the world know that image theft is wrong. When images appear on a different website that shouldn't be there, it will reflect negatively on that website.

I do, however, also understand that some websites using my images without my permission may not necessarily be at fault; the start of the image theft and misinformation, after all, began when some publications proceeded without my approval. If I am sending you a notice, it does not mean I am upset at you; I am just bringing to you my attention of what my conditions are, and giving you a chance to fix the matter. If you start giving me trouble upon my notice however, that is a different story.


Aside from that, I give my thanks to all who listen and cooperate, as well to my peers who have helped me along the way with my dilemmas.



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