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(Last updated 2013/03/14)


I have been sharing my works on remotes site for a while and have launched to provide users easy access to information. The usage of this site may change gradually overtime; but I intend, overall, to always keep it relevant to my work, my thoughts and ideas, and stories I have to share.

I will still be highly active on my remote sites that I list on my homepage, but I would like to add that I cannot always be responsible for, or make decisions in respect of, the usage of these sites; I am only a member of a large community. I only provide the art/designs; Redbubble, Zazzle, and Blurb prints and sells them on their merchandise, and I earn a commission when a product is purchased with my work printed on it. Redbubble, Zazzle and Blurb look after the printing and the delivery; I do not control how long a delivery will take.

On Zazzle, sometimes when the store is being reorganized, some store categories may appear to be empty. It sometimes takes a while for the products to show up in the store category, however that does not mean the products do not exist. Try using the "Search this Store" feature on the left to find what you are looking for, otherwise please come back again later. On the 'Department' menu to the left hand side of the store, there are numbers indicating the number of products available in those departments and product categories. I would advise however not to always trust those numbers as they are often misleading - usually the numbers are smaller than they should be. Once in a while Zazzle will have glitches and some products may not appear in the store. Unfortunatley I have no control over this. I do not run into this problem as much on Redbubble, although once in a while, like any website, it may be down, or inaccessible to due maintenance.

I have seen works printed from Redbubble and Blurb, and they are, from what I have seen, of great quality. I have not yet seen anything printed by Zazzle, but seeing as most of the customers that purchased my work from Zazzle have not made returns, I assume most are satisfied. There will, of course, be times where one may not be satisfied with the way something was printed; it is common for companies to change printers or run into printing issues at any time. Some stores will also have printers in more than one country, and the quality can vary depending on where the item is being printed. But let's face it; nothing is perfect; every business, online or in real life, will have issues from time to time.

I will answer any queries regarding an artwork itself, however all queries/issues regarding to shopping and merchandise shall be dealt with directly with the companies selling them. Returns of products can be made to the sites where I sell, but you will need to familiarize with their terms and conditions yourself. I assume no liability for anything purchased outside of unless there is an issue with content I post on a merchandise.

I do not represent any of the sites listed on the homepage, nor do any represent me. I shall not be judged based on any activity, behaviours or actions from any of the remote sites at any time, and vice versa.

Don't get me wrong, I love these sites overall, but even I will have complaints about them sometimes! They will, for example, sometimes, make changes to their sites - such as layout, format, grouping, or navigation features, which may affect a visitor's experience on the site - and that is not something I will have control over. Sometimes I may say within a description of a work something like "Refer to ____ ", "Please click on ____ ". I will do my best to update my remote sites upon any changes, but if anything ever looks strange or not directing to anything, bear in mind that there maybe a good reason to it! When I'm in the process of making such changes, I will note it in the Updates as well update in my social networks.

I also run various scripts on my site through networks such as facebook, twitter, and google. I try to integrate their features in my page to the best I can with my limited scripting knowledge, but bear in mind that the way these sites behave is not always within my control (e.g. the thumbnail image that appears when sharing a page in facebook). Also sometimes if something is happening with one of the networks, or if they are undergoing any changes, this may affect the way they interact with my website, and sometimes even affect the layout of my site.

My site may appear differently in different browsers. I recommend viewing my site in Firefox. In the beginning, I was having issues with Internet Explorer; although later it seemed fine. As of May 12, 2013, I began having issues with Google Chrome; but I have fixed the issue on May 14, 2013. Firefox has personally been my favourite choice for browsing, but of course there may also be a possibility that some Firefox users may not see things properly depending on their settings. I cannot guarantee that everything may be viewable/useable in mobile devices as I have no means of testing mobile browsers. uses ad networks and affiliate programs for monetization, meaning that when a visitor clicks on/make purchases through links by ad networks or affiliate links, this site can receive a commission. I do not, however, control what links and advertisement are shown by ad networks, therefore, just because something shows up on my site, it does not necessarily mean that I recommend it. Visitors are encouraged to only click on links they are genuinely interested in. The affiliated links in my site (which I generally present on my promotions page) are mainly art sites I use or that many of my friends use; I would not link to sites that I am unfamiliar with. In May 2013 I began using Infolinks for monetization. In some pages - namely writings or anything that pertains to my background information - Infolinks will select various words in my context to link with their ads; and I have no control over which words get linked, or what ads show up. These links will appear as purple texts with dotted lines below them.

I hope you all enjoy your time at my site. I will also do my best to keep as up to date as I can in the event that a link no longer exists, or any information posted is no longer relevant. You are also welcome to notify me directly of any broken links through by contacting me



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