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Mui-Ling Teh

Art and Words from the Heart



Bottled Origami Message List:

(Last updated 2016/12/04)


Miniature origami cherry blossom and red heart in bottles with labels "Dear Mom" and "I Love You"


During live events, the majority of my bottles already have words or messages inside of them, but I bring other messages and substitute them for customers as them like. I also bring blank labels for people to write on if they want to write their name or their own personal message.

If you are ordering online, and wish to have a word or message I don't have available, you can ask for it and I will make it.

Orders can be made via e-mail

(Bear note that at any time, if there is a word that is not very popular, I may stop making it available at live events and remove it from this list. I will however always have blank labels available to write on.)


Peace Dear Mom Thank You Always Together
Love Dear Dad Thank you Dad Friends Forever
Joy Dear Grandma Thank you Mom Friendship
Live Dear Grandpa Thank you Teacher Happy Family
Hope Dear Teacher Congratulations Good Health

  Dear:        From:

Good Luck Long Life

  To:           From:

Best Wishes Smooth Journey
Peace & Love For You Keep in Touch Bright Future
Harmony Happy Birthday It's a Boy ♥ Carpe Diem
Freedom Aloha It's a Girl ♥ Radiance


Get Well Perseverance Knowledge Happiness
Miss You Indomitability Intelligence Bliss
Thinking of You Motivation Acuteness Felicity
Forget Me Not Ambition Creativity Paradise
I Love You Strength Inspiration Solitude
You're #1 Vigor Artistry Serenity
You're the Best! Willpower Eloquence Spirituality
Defiance Leadership Positivity Serendipity
Achievement Prosperity Wisdom Balance
Success Fortune Grace Well-being


Trust Liberty Courage Homeland
Faith Loyalty Confidence Canada
Blessing Courtesy Initiative Toronto
Gratitude Integrity Believe Season's Greetings
Humanity Equality Understanding Merry Christmas
Justice Respect Just Married Happy Holidays
Karma Virtue Happy Anniversary (blank)
Sensibility Patience 2016 年  
Mobility Stability 2017 年  
Adaptability * 開運 * 幸運  

*"Kaiun" 開運 refers to the opening up to good fortune during the New Year. This can be combined with the animal of the Chinese calendar for the current year, or the animal of your own birth year. "Kouun" 幸運 generally meansgood luck, and this can be combined with any model.





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